Pregnancy Health for Spas and Centres

Pregnancy Health for Spas and Centres

Why we were established

Many pregnant women returning from retreats etc commented that they felt alienated from treatments. Therapists were afraid to treat them because whilst they may be trained in holistic or therapeutic massage, this basic training did not cover pregnancy in enough detail.

Ironically pregnancy is a time when most women want to feel pampered but often cannot benefit from the many advantages of massage due to a lack of qualified practitioners. These were the main reasons that prompted the conception and creation of Pregnancy Health.

We want to give your spa or centre a cutting edge form of treatment for pregnant women. After your therapists have been trained you will be able to say confidently say you specialise in pregnancy massage. You will have a unique selling point that gives you the edge over your competitors.

Marketing & PR Package

We can help you implement a marketing strategy to promote the product within your spa or centre. We will write a bespoke strategy for your company that will not only enable you to attract new custom but will help build brand awareness. In order to reinforce and heighten awareness of the brand we will be launching a national Pregnancy Health PR & Marketing campaign. This will promote the brand as the ultimate pregnancy massage. We will be able to provide point of sale artwork & literature for your spa if required. Please call for more details and a quote.

How the training works

Spas & centres - We can travel to your premises and the training is completed in one day. Individual therapists will be trained in groups no larger than 12 at one of our centres.

This is then followed up by 3 case studies, once complete, our trainer comes back to the premises and therapists have to complete a practical exam of 1 hour and a written exam of 45 mins. Individual therapists will return to one of our centres to sit the practical & written exam once they have completed the case studies.

Cost of training is £195 per therapist. This includes exam assessment and certificates.

Body Support cushions are used in the training – these can either be purchased through Pregnancy Health or directly from the U.S.A. These are optional but we highly recommend them as our training is based around a front lying massage.

If you would like a summary of our training course and the next available dates please email us