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Dave Neilson


Dave Neilson

For some 20 months suffered with an ulcerated ankle that was an open wound that simply refused to heal, consequently, causing horrendous pain and disability. At one point I was on the highest dose of morphine the doctor dared to give me, as well as having a bottle of liquid morphine by my bed. Could not get any relief and had to sleep with my leg hanging out of the bed to get some minor relief.

In June/July five blood clots formed up my leg adding greatly to the pain and discomfort. My doctor and hospital were seriously considering the amputation of the lower leg as my foot was now deteriorating fast.

In November, 2009 was hospitalised under the care of an Ulcer Surgeon and Specialist who found that I had a blocked artery from the groin to below the knee, and very restricted blood flow to the foot. He suggested that a solution could be a major by-pass from my side down to my foot, but was risky and not guaranteed.

Late December 2009 my friend suggested I take a look at MOXXOR. By now I was already looking at ways to avoid amputation and had started using Hydrogen Peroxide to see if that would help heal this nasty, open wound that had to be dressed every two days to no avail. The hydrogen peroxide was helping, but not reducing the fiery red inflammation and pain.

After reading up on MOXXOR I decided it was worth a try, so asked my friend to get me some.

Within JUST FOUR DAYS of taking MOXXOR I first realised that unconsciously, I was sleeping the night through with my foot inside the blankets and not having to hang it out the side. Also the obvious inflammation was disappearing and along with that, the pain.

In three weeks to erstwhile open wound had a scab on it for the very first time……!

In February, 2009 I attended the Specialist’s two-monthly appointment with no dressing on the wound. He was amazed to say the least, and did a blood flow test, which now showed just over 50% blood flow to the foot, and said that there was no need to go ahead with any by-pass operation yet.

When I revisited him again in early May 2009, he checked again the blood flow and told me it was now 62%. His exact words to me were, “You are a very lucky man – you are the first person I have seen, at your age in life, to recover from an ulcer as bad as that without surgery. But you will have to live with the blocked artery s nothing will clear that. I’m going to discharge you now as there is nothing I can do for you know, but the by-pass is always an option, if it ever deteriorates”

It is now September 2010 and been on MOXXOR for nine months now: No inflammation – no pain at all now. Anyone who saw it before simply cannot recognise it as the same ankle.
The power of this product is amazing to say the least.