Lipitrex Weight Loss Pills

Lipitrex Weight Loss Pills

Lipitrex Review

First and foremost Lipitrex is fat burning weight loss pill - it brings together a 4 stage weight loss process. It is by no means unique but should be applauded for trying to distance itself from the wonder weight loss pill approach that a majority of the over counter market are now putting into effect.

Fat burners or fat burning weight loss pills are the least effective of all the genres - fat burners try to deal with the existing problem rather stop or prevent the cause. Although Lipitrex is billed as fat burner it does offer 3 other stages to weight loss.

Lipitrex 4 Stage Weight Loss Process

  • Fat Storage Reduction
  • Suppression Of Appetite
  • Metabolic Rate Increase
  • Energy level Increase

Weight loss pills that offer a multitude of slimming effects generally speaking are not as effective than weight loss pills that concentrate of one specific method.

Lipitrex Ingredients

  • Magnesium and Chromium
  • Guarana
  • PinnoThin
  • CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid
  • Cloeus Forskohlii
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Green Tea

The green tea ingredients is the obvious fat burning component that is found in a huge majority of fat burners - it is the caffeine content that increases the metabolism that has an effect of burning calories.

Lipitrex Side Effects

Does not pose a serious health risk - although too much caffeine can create a feeling of restlessness or the "jitters"

Lipitrex Does It Work

Lipitrex is nothing more than an average fat burner that can be bought over the counter - fat burning can be effective for some dieters although whether this is a simple case of the placebo effect happening is up for interpretation.

Buy Lipitrex

Not recommended - as a fat burner it is very expensive and does justify its high price tage. Lipitrex is nothing out of the ordinary.

Appetite suppressants are effective for weight loss and particulat Hoodia Gordonii. Read About Hoodia Gordonii Here

Fat Burners are not as effective as fat binders and fat blockers.