How to Get Pregnant Blood Types AB, B, 0

How to Get Pregnant Blood Types AB, B, 0

Blood type AB

You need to know, people with blood type ab have a unique immune system so prone to allergies, inflammation and many other diseases. So will affect your condition during pregnancy or when pregnancy program. Then, you have to maintain the body’s resistance both before and during pregnancy. Eat healthy foods in accordance with the rules of blood type ab.

In principle, people with blood type ab need more protein than the blood type a. In terms of diet, people with blood type ab have a very simple rule, which is to avoid foods that are also avoided by people with blood type a and blood type b.

How to get pregnant fast with blood type ab ? as in the previous O blood type, blood type ab to generally have the same way pregnant fast. Still the difference is the food should be consumed so as not susceptible to disease and to enhance female fertility.

Below are quick tips for your pregnant with blood type ab :

1. Consume nuts

Not all nuts can be consumed by people with blood type ab. The type of grains or nuts that are beneficial to your blood type ab, among which soy tofu, soybeans, walnuts, peanuts, peanut butter.

2. Not consume beverages containing alcohol

For your blood type ab, who wants to get pregnant soon or are pregnant, you should not consume beverages containing alcohol. For those of you who are used to consuming alcoholic beverages should be abandoned this habit. At least 6 months prior to your pregnancy, Highly recommended consume water, and both also consume ginger, strawberry leaf, green tea and red wine.

3. Be diligent to consume fruits

Get used to eating fruits. The type of fruit that you are well taken for blood type ab is pineapple, watermelon, lemon, grape, kiwi, cherries, canberi, Orange and logan berries. Orange fruit or fruit juice instead is very beneficial for digestion and clearing mucus function.

4. Consuming whole grains, pasta and cereals

In general, people who have blood type ab are able to receive all types of pasta and grains. However, there are things to know is you have to reduce the consumption of wheat, especially the mucoid much as it can cause respiratory problems and asthma. Grains and cereals are recommended are oatmeal, soybeans, and rice.

5. Consuming vegetables

If you want to get pregnant quickly, before your pregnancy, eat vegetables such as bean sprouts, garlic, sweet potatoes, green cabbage, celery and cucumber. If you are in the pregnancy, excessive eating less vegetables, as it would potentially as a uterine stimulant.

6. Consumption of meat and poultry

For those of you with blood type ab, you body does not produce large amounts of stomach acid to digest animal protein. So you should limit eating certain meats. As for the types of meat and poultry are recommended to get pregnant quickly is rabbits, sheep, lamb, turkey, red snapper and snails.

Hopefully with these tips get pregnant fast, you could be helped to more easily have a baby that you desire. Keep trying and pray, you will find the best results.

Some quick tips specific to your pregnancy blood type AB with healthy foods is recommended, In addition to the above recommended foods, how fast do pregnant before, So the result will be maximal.

Blood Type 0

Have you heard the myth that women with blood type O is more difficult to get pregnant? Certainly mistaken, that is not proven true. There are no scientific studies that prove that women with blood type O is more difficult to become pregnant than women with blood type a, b, or ab. This myth may be circulated for blood type o is universal and can be donated to other blood groups, but blood type O can only receive the same blood type.

How to get pregnant blood type o ? For blood type O is the same way pregnant fast in general. However, as explained in the article tips to get pregnant by blood type before, that for a certain blood type, the food factor affecting egg cell proliferation

Based on the research, here are tips to Get Pregnant Blood Type O can be tried:

1. Women with blood type O need more protein and low-fat meat. So it is advisable to consume poultry meat is organic and free of harmful chemicals.

2. Limit your intake of carbohydrates. Limit altogether different from the cut carbohydrate intake for blood type O. You have to keep eating carbs, but not in the form of wheat, pasta, bread or noodles but replace with vermicelli, potato and tapioca.

3. Your blood type o is not advisable to consume dairy to get pregnant. However, you must replace it with a soy milk as an excellent source of protein.

4. Increase the intake of green vegetables and consumption of fresh fruits, because it is very good for type O blood type women who want to get pregnant and have children.

5. Replace vegetable oil with olive oil, canola oil or low-fat butter trans. Why? because women with blood type O are susceptible to cholesterol would inhibit pregnancy.

All women, could be to get pregnant, get rid of the myth that women with blood type O is difficult to get pregnant. Try and pray, you can definitely get pregnant fast. It was a quick way for Get Pregnant Blood Type O.

Blood Type B

You are including the blood type b, tend to have a strong immune system. But this will not always happen if you eat foods that are not in accordance with the type of blood type b. You will be at high risk for viral infections that can invade the nervous system. So you will be susceptible to various health problems. This will make you stress, so you compromised fertility hormone activity. And the impact for you want to get pregnant fast is going to easily obstructed.

In order to get pregnant, how fast is the same blood type b pregnant with another (read how to get pregnant fast before). The most important thing is for each blood type is food. Including the blood type B have a special food that can be consumed to improve the health and fertility, so it will be easy to get pregnant.

Here’s how to get pregnant fast blood type B with food that can be consumed :

1. Consume some grains, pastas and cereals

Your blood type b, do not carelessly consume whole grains, pasta and cereal. Grains are the main factors triggering inflammatory and autoimmune conditions in the body’s system blood type b. For blood type b, the biggest factor causing weight gain are corn, black wheat, nuts and sesame seeds. Because these foods contain lektik that can slow down your metabolism and interfere with insulin production, resulting in fatigue, fluid reviewer, and hypoglycemia.

To get pregnant fast blood type B, essense should consume bread, wheat porridge, rice shell, rice cakes, rice and starch. Because some of these foods is important for the health of your body.

2. Expand consume vegetables and fruits

Vegetables contain antioxidants and fiber that are useful for making healthy intestinal conditions. Suitable consumed vegetables are broccoli, shitake mushrooms, cauliflower, cabbage, eggplant, potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots. So also the fruit, you are encouraged to consume fruit that contains powerful antioxidants as an example of a watermelon. This fruit contains the antioxidant lycopene, which can be used as a substitute for tomatoes. Consumption also grapes and plums, cranberries and bananas. Limit eating fruits rich in lectins, especially persimmon, pomegranate, starfruit and pear.

3. Eating meat and poultry

People with blood type B are encouraged to consume meat. Unlike a person with blood type should avoid or reduce consumption of meat. So that people with blood type b able to efficiently metabolize animal protein. Highly recommended for those who have blood type b eat red meats such as lamb, or rabbit meat. If you’re tired or weary, these foods you can consume.

4. Nuts and Seeds

If you are pregnant, do not consume nuts and seeds, as it can cause digestive disorders and inflammation. For the pregnancy program , could consume walnuts, lima beans and nuts navi.

5. Drinks

To get pregnant fast blood type B, Avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine when you do the pregnancy program. Similarly, during pregnancy as it can lead to miscarriage and fetal defects. Consume green tea, ginger, ginseng, peppermint, and sage.