DIY Health Checks – Part 2

DIY Health Checks – Part 2
In Part 1, we looked at how bleeding gums or a pot belly could spell trouble for your health. In Part 2 we continue on the search for other health checks that could tell you whether its bad news or very bad news.
Clogging And Blocking Of Nasal Passages

Sit down, take a deep breath. Wait. Do it again. Now ask yourself one simple question. Did you breathe in from your nose or from your mouth? If you answer the latter, it would mean that your nasal passage might be obstructed. This could have reasons of its own – perhaps, its allergic rhinitis. Let me break that down for you. In English, it would mean that you have incessant sneezing, eyes that itch, a nose that’s running, and stuffiness in general. If you nodded your head; and sniffled at the same time, it would mean that you have allergic rhinitis. If these symptoms are accompanied by wheezing and coughing, then it could be an indicator for asthma.

Nasal passages blocked

If left untreated for long, it could turn into sleep-apnea, which is a condition that could be accompanied with snoring and an excessive weight gain.

The best way to deal with flushing out the allergens is to turn to a nasal lavage before you hit bed. If you’ve got yourself scratching your head right now, let us help you out with understanding what a nasal lavage is; and how to get down to using it.

Mix ¼ th of a tsp of salt into around 2 cups of water. Ensure that the water is warm. Now fill a bulb syringe and make sure that around ½ inch of the tip of the syringe is inside your nostril. Bend over a sink as you do this. Now cock your head to one side; and squeeze the bulb until the saline solution doesn’t run out through the other nostril. Now repeat it in the other nostril.

Unruly Moles

Melanoma is another rising concern among men. It is generally diagnosed after the age of 40; and most men say that they had it for a while or that they didn’t notice the signs. Melanoma generally appears on a guy’s head, upper back or neck region. This is one of the reasons why it becomes tough to spot early on.

Dermatologist Linda K. Franks, who is associated with the Department of Dermatology at the New York University says that guys should regularly check their skin for any abnormalities. Anything that’s out of the usual should be put under the ABCDE test.

A – asymmetry

B – borders (They could have blurry or jagged edges)

C – color (Is it black or multi-hued?)

D – diameter (Is it more than the quarter of an inch across the skin and is it growing?)

E – evolving (Is it changing size or shape?)

If you notice any alarming changes that you think need immediate attention, inform your dermatologist. They’ll use a method called eyeballing and tell you whether a biopsy is necessary or not.

The best method, according to Dr. Franks, is to prevent melanoma. She suggests that you use a sunblock. Use something that can give you UVA and UVB protection and has a moisturizer included.

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