As a BIONIC MARKETING reseller you can:

As a BIONIC MARKETING reseller you can:

As a BIONIC MARKETING reseller you can:

  • Sell your customers effective search engine marketing programs ranging from $120/month to $470/month.
  • Earn monthly commissions of up to 40-50% of the invoiced service (yes MONTHLY!)
  • Earn up to 50% commission on standard setup fees!
  • You bill your customers for the Bionic Marketing search engine marketing service, or we will bill your customers - it''s your choice.
  • Our Services can be totally transparent (i.e. your customers won''t know that YOU are not doing the work!)
  • Affordable monthly programs means that most of your customers can afford this type of service - and you get paid every month!
  • Customers who purchase any monthly search engine marketing program from you get FREE HOSTING.

Here''s an example of what a typical Webmaster or ISP could earn re-selling Bionic Marketing Services:

Customer Type & Program: Monthly Cost to Customer: Your Monthly Commission: Cumulative Monthly Income to You: One Time Setup Fee''s* You Earn:
10 Small Businesses $120/month $50* $500/month $600
3 Medium Businesses $270/month $125* $250/month $405
3 Large Businesses $470/month $225* $675/month $705
Total: 16 Customers Total: $1600/month Setup Total: $1710

*Setup fees are a one time charge and are equal to the first month of service. (Bionic Marketing splits the setup fee evenly with you)

$1600.00 a month potential (plus setup fee''s!)...

...not bad for letting us do most of the work! Remember, you only sold your customers on our program - but we did all the search engine marketing work. The above example is a fairly conservative figure. For the smaller web designer it may be half, or third as much. And to a larger outfit, your gross may be a multiple of this figure. None-the-less, you now can offer a service you didn''t offer before - and you have a new income stream you didn''t have before!

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