“The first patented weight control compound designed exclusively for Lower Body Adiposity.”

“The first patented weight control compound designed exclusively for Lower Body Adiposity.”

Lower Body Adiposity (LBA): the “pear-shaped” condition characterized by the accumulation of adipose (fat) tissue in the hips, thighs and buttocks. As most women who suffer LBA know, unlike simple obesity, LBA is difficult to manage and virtually immune from conventional weight control strategies and ordinary “diet aids.” Even when conventional weight control programs result in significant loss of body weight, the reduction in body fat seems to occur mostly in the upper abdomen, arms and breasts… you end up weighing less but looking essentially the same. But now there''s Luprinol, the first patented weight control compound designed specifically to help overcome a woman''s genetic predisposition toward Lower Body Adiposity.

FACT: Estrogen-Affected Fat Cells
Hold On To Fat More Stringently

So what causes Lower Body Adiposity, and how does Luprinol™ help defeat it? In order to appreciate the profound effect Luprinol™ exerts on LBA, we must understand the role estrogen plays in the accumulation of fat in the lower body region and how estrogen seems to adversely alter women''s fat cell function.

To begin, all fat cells both store and release fats on an ongoing basis.1 However, if two fat cells are equally effective in storing fat, but one is less effective in releasing fat, then that fat cell will tend to be “fatter” than the other. So what does all this have to do with Lower Body Adiposity in women? Well, it turns out that fat cells under the influence of estrogen are “greedier” than other fat cells. Estrogen-affected fat cells tend to hold onto fat more stringently, and to release it more grudgingly than cells not impacted by estrogen. The fat cells most influenced by estrogen are found predominantly in the hips, thighs and buttocks.

FACT: Luprinol™ Increases Fat Burning In Lower Body Fat Cells By Mitigating Estrogen''s Tendency to Increase Fat Retention

In humans, lipolysis (fat-burning)depends on a group of neuro-hormones called catecholamines (kat-uh-coal-uh-means). Unfortunately for pear-shaped women, ordinary diet aids that stimulate catecholamines also stimulate the mechanisms which tend to block fat release significantly in the lower body. This may be acceptable for most men because their estrogen levels are practically nonexistent… that''s why it seems that men always have an easier time losing weight. But in the female lower body where fat cells are under the tremendous influence of estrogen, common fat-burning agents are simply insufficient to produce a noticeable loss of excess body fat and help a woman shed that pear-shaped look. (CONTINUE>>)

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