Welcome to DoctorAvé.com!

Welcome to DoctorAvé.com!

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Dr. Avé C. Sims

The only thing your life is waiting on is you. ~Dr. Avé C. Sims

Our planet is gearing up for another great seasonal transformation. At the end of winter, you can look to great inspiration from spring to bear the promise of new beginnings. Just like the trees and flowers take their cue from Mother Nature and her showering of water and sunlight, you, too, can shape your blossoms and realize new beginnings and new health. What’s your water? What’s your sunlight? What gets you motivated? What transformation are you working on? What are you waiting on? The only thing your life is waiting on is you. Spring into action!

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Dr. Avé

Echinacea is NOT for Every Cold
Dr. Avé C. Sims, ND

How many times has someone suggested you take Echinacea for a cold? Don’t listen. Chances are they’re not qualified to tell you anything about what to take or why to take it for what may or may not even be a common cold, so smile and nod and express your appreciation for their concern of your health, but remember what I’m going to tell you here, that Echinacea is not for every cold. So, what do I suggest you do instead?