I managed to get through the G20 protests, and the Johnston Street Fiesta with sanity intact. Everything seems disturbingly normal and quiet now - and Johnston Street was unbelievably clean this morning, given the fiesta didn’t finish ’til late last night. Say what you will about Yarra Council (and I often do), but they can pull out the big guns when they have to.

We’ve just come home from Miss M’s karate class, where she won class achiever for about the fourth week running. Although I’m proud of that, I was more proud watching her break two boards quite effortlessly in her black gi that’s at least a size too small.

It’s been hideously hot today, and I rode home from work as huge drops of rain were starting to come down, but they stopped after only a few seconds. Mr Dog and I went for a walk, but I felt bad making him run, so I threw a giant stick he’d selected into the river about fifteen times, feeling jealous that he could just leap in without contracting some terrible disease (although glad at the same time).

This morning after I finished work I went to the Spanish deli to get another roll. My transaction went a little like this:

Emma walks through the door just after 9am. Two Spanish women behind the counter glance at me, then exchange a look.

Emma: Hi, I just wanted to get a roll with ham and olive oil please.

Silence, as a roll is selected and cut open with vigour. I see Portuguese custard tarts in the bakery part of the shop. Plan to buy three.

Lady: No cheese. (a statement not a question)

Emma: No thank you.

Lady: You want the cheap stuff, or the good ham? (she was holding a knife, and I wondered for a moment if it was a life or death decision)

Emma: The good ham, thank you.

More cutting. The roll, looking like a holy object, is thrust out.

Lady: Three dollars.

Emma: Could I also have three Portuguese custard tarts please?

I could have sworn I heard swearing as a paper bag was ripped off a string and three tarts were jammed inside.

Lady: And?

Emma: That’s all, thank you.

I guess part of the enjoyment of going there is coming out alive - and the tarts which are totally out of this world and usually sell out within minutes of being unloaded.

Fortified by food, I managed to pay a huge amount of money off my credit card, and do various other household things which are repulsive to me. Monday’s yoga class was, as always, wonderful, due to the gorgeous participants, and the fan which cooled our tiny room beautifully. Dinner tonight was to be lamb shanks (part of my discount meat haul), but it’s just too hot, so instead we’re going to Loi Loi with James.