Healthy Tips For Reducing Cholesterol With Shakes

Healthy Tips For Reducing Cholesterol With Shakes

In this busy world, everyone is running behind money and only money. They don't care about the health. They used to sit on a chair for 8 to 10 hours. By this they addict to that chair and work.

By this their stamina rate will decrease and performance will also decrease. By this Cholesterol will increase in the body and this will cause harm to their body. This is one of the most ranking disease which is rapidly increasing among the humans.

Lots of junk food, improper timings of sleep, improper timing of food are the also the cause of increasing Cholesterol. For reducing cholesterol there are many methods but now we will talk about the method which you like.

We all know that doing exercise is the solution of all the disease because by this we remain active and our heart rate will be good. But if you don't have much time to do exercises, then for reducing cholesterol we have some recipes of shakes. Don't worry about the taste of the shake , you will like it.

Shakes For Reducing Cholesterol :

Take one orange, half papaya and one banana. Cut Papaya and Banana into pieces. Separate the pieces of orange, We all know that Banana is having potassium and Orange is having vitamin C.

Papaya is full of fibers. So for good heart rating Banana is very useful. Take all the fruits which are told above and then put them into mixer/juicer or blender.

Mix them properly and then put some crushed ice into it. Now your juice is ready for serve. The taste of the juice is also very good and you can also put more ice if you need. This shake is very useful for reducing cholesterol. It will definitely help in reducing cholesterol .