Healthy Inside 'n' Out

Healthy Inside 'n' Out

Our Background

Our products are all about "Cellular Nutrition" and we are Distributors for the company Herbalife. Herbalife was introduced to America back in 1980 and having been in the Health and Nutrition industry for 22 years, the company has now spread their wings around the world and are in business in over 54 countries. Not only this, but they also hold the world’s largest medical and advisory board in the industry.

At present there is over 35 million people world wide using our products every day and achieving great

Throughout your life, your body goes through amazing changes. Hormonal shifts, pregnancy, mood swings, loss in bone density and weight fluctuations, to name but a few. Add this to your family''s needs and your career and what''s left is little time to take care of yourself.

Well now you can! Herbalife have combined the precise blends of natural herbs, botanicals and vitamins that you and your body need to help you look and feel healthy for many years to come. These products will just completely amaze you as you start noticing a difference in just a matter of days. Some of our products range from weight management, to everyday needs, to lifestyle needs. We like to call these products our "Inner Health Products". While others, known as our "Outer Health Products" range from skin care, to body care, to hair care, to beautiful sexy smelling fragrances with a difference.

Whichever way you use these products they all work together, by making you look and feel wonderful within yourself as well as being noticed by everyone around you.


There is no time like now to start looking good and feeling great in preparation for Summer just around the corner. Formula #1 is a scientifically formulated balanced proportion of Carbohydrates, Protein, Good Fats, Vitamins, Minerals and Botanical Herbs needed in every meal. Available in French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate and Berry.