Hair Loss Is Preventable In Three Steps Health News For Families

Hair Loss Is Preventable In Three Steps  Health News For Families

Hair Loss Is Preventable In Three Steps

While there may not be a cure world or for baldness, the good thing is there are things you can do to manage and prevent further hair loss. There are many strategies that you can take advantage of today. The nice thing is that you dont have to go out there and try every single product that is available.

This article should provide you with good information if you are one of those that is experiencing hair loss. Youre going to discuss three things to contribute to hair loss and what you can do about them. This information is primarily geared toward males, but females can also take information here and gain better understanding.

To start, there is a hormone and it is called a DHT. This hormone is responsible for hair loss. For males, it is important to find ways to minimize the production of DHT. While it is common believe that testosterone is the real cause of DHT production, in actuality it is the excess of estrogen that causes DHT. Estrogen dominance is also the term used for access and estrogen production.

Lets take a look at three key things you can do to prevent the production of estrogen. We hope you can take these tips with you today and take action. Many of these things you can start right away.

The first thing is to know that the pollution of the environment is the major cause of estrogen, which is produced in the body. If you live in a city, it may be hard to get away from pollution. But, if youre staying in the city then you need to find a way to neutralize the pollution before it can cause excess estrogen. One way in which you can do this is to detox the liver. Detoxing the liver, which is like a filter for cleaning your body, will prevent extra estrogen.

Next, pollute and chemical substances also lead to the production of estrogen. The way to defeat this excess production of estrogen is to take a look at and control the things that you eat. By eating more organic foods, and natural foods, you will minimize the amount of chemicals that go into your body. While natural foods will cost typically more, if you shop around you can find relatively decent prices compared to conventional food products.

The third thing is to know that DHT lives in your scalp. Even if you eat better and Detox your liver, the DHT that is already in place continues to contribute to hair loss. If you want to prevent hair loss you need to eliminate the existing DHT. If you search youll find various options for removing DHT. There are many options available on the internet and in the local pharmacy. Do a search or speak with your Pharmacist about options.

Having healthy hair is something most of us pride. Unfortunately not many people are able to achieve this due to a loss of their hair. When they attempt to actually do something about the condition, they fail in their efforts. By taking proactive steps and consulting with your medical professional, you should be on your way to getting back that hair and looking great.

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Written by Jackie Michaels on February 13th, 2009 with

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