Features LiveTeleHealth

Features  LiveTeleHealth

Real-time Video, Voice and Text Chat – Interact with website patients in real time with just a click of a mouse. Patients get the answers they need quickly and efficiently and healthcare providers can provide the quality of care they want, while keeping their office running smoothly.

In-Banner and In-Email live video chat – Providing instant personalized customer engagement is no longer limited to just your website. Now you can speak with your customers wherever they are on the web.

Live File transfer – Visitors can receive documents, watch a video or view a spreadsheet that you pass to them while chatting. You can now provide the help and the answers that patients are looking for and send it to their desktop instantly. That’s powerful!

Real Time Availability Status and Offline – Status buttons on your site can show when your staff are available and free to chat. When the office is closed, your patients can leave their contact information so you can follow up.

Video Chat Transfer – Transfer calls from one staff member to the other, to another department or across the country. When the chat is transferred, so is the text chat history and all identifying information so the next person can enter the conversation right where the first finished.

Multi-tiered Call Routing allows visitors to select exactly the right healthcare professional for their needs.

Safety Features – SSL encryption keeps your conversation with visitors secure. The software is always accessed through high-grade encryption.

Data Links – A snippet of code that is embedded in an existing inquiry form that will pass the data directly into the console without disrupting the normal lead processing.

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