What would happen to your affiliate commissions if the manufacturer

decided to cut out all the middlemen and gave those

have to imagine it, because there’s a new multi million

dollar affiliate MLM opportunity called iNutrition where affiliates

What is iNutrition and how can we be offering

this stunningly amazing opportunity to you now?

Hi I am Tim Connolly, CEO of When we initially purchased

iNutrition, a 12-year-old nutritional manufacturer from Canada,

We just knew from day 1 what the HUGE potential

of this company was! Even to this day I can hardly contain my excitement.

In fact We believe in the potential so much we paid more than $25

Why did we pay so much for it?

Great question! You see, it was already a well established manufacturer,

wholesaler and distributor of high quality nutritional products.

It was already successful and doing multiple millions of dollars

But they hadn’t even begun to tap into

the huge multi-billion dollar health food, sports, weight loss and

nutritional supplement market in the US. It''s not that they hadn’t

been successful, they hadn’t even tried! For personal reasons,

the previous owners had already met their financial goals doing

a little over 17 million in sales, of which most was in Canada alone!

Now for those of you who do not know, Canada

has a total population of about 30 million. That means that the

company sold approximately 56 cents per individual. Now I am a numbers

guy, and the law of large numbers if planned correctly applies in

ANY market and any country. Let''s take the USA for example, 56 cents

Just in the USA alone, that is an easy

170 million in sales! Can you see the potential here? Imagine when

we go global using the power of the internet, and YOU the affiliate!

Can you see the potential commissions? YIKES it can be staggering!

I humbly ask you to join me on this amazing brand new ground floor

doing business through a subsidiary wholesaler, and private

label resellers, I decided to take the products to the huge

US market through affiliate MLM distributors. And that’s

why with iNutrition you get to make huge affiliate MLM profits!

all the other nutrition based MLM businesses?

iNutrition manufactures 699 of the 700 retail products!

here to see pictures of their 46 000 sq foot manufacturing

MLMs exist, but they all suffer from the same limiting financial

drawbacks. There is at least one, and sometime more, middlemen

between the actual manufacturer of the products and the distributors.

That means there is less commission for their distributors."

They have to pay someone to make their products for them to

market through the distributors. Since they have to pay someone

to make it for them, they charge higher prices and pay less

Dealing directly with the manufacturer means more $ commissions

Since iNutrition is the manufacturer of all of it’s

own products that means several huge benefits to its distributors:

Buy at true wholesale prices for personal

Earn up to 100% middleman profits as

Your price to customers at full retail

is comparable to buying at GNC or Wal-Mart

No extra high prices to have to explain

Easier to build a big downline

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