Bacon Chase Recap!

Bacon Chase Recap!
Bacon Chase


Love Bacon?
Me in the Bacon chase shirt lookin’ silly

My first race was AWESOME!

I am so proud to have called the Bacon Chase my first race!

This was an untimed race, so I truly have no clue what my actual time was. Jessica said that it was right around 28 minutes. By no means was this a PR, but this was definitely a feat.

fun w jess

Not only was this a race weekend, but this was a birthday weekend as well. Jessica (the most amazing girl ever) came with me to spectate and cheer me on for the race. I really appreciate her for it! We had some awesome talks on the way there (a 5 hour car ride) and then we spent some time at the mall of America.

While there, we did what Jessica has dreamed of doing. A selfie with a shark. Sharks are this girl’s thing.

Jessica''s Selfie
Jessica’s Selfie
Me w/ Shark
Have you ever heard of someone taking a full week off of work to watch Shark Week on Discovery? Me neither. Till now.

After the long Friday of travel, packet pickup and Mall of America, we headed over to my aunt’s house for a wonderful night’s rest.

The next morning, I got up praying that my hip would be fully healed. It was. That was totally a God thing. I did three and a half miles at 5:30 a.m. It. was. amazing. Life is good with a good morning run. Doing three miles would make up for the rest of the long run that I would be missing that day.

Me sweating
Me being sweaty this morning after a humid run around a lake!

After getting ready, we headed over to Caribou Coffee for a latte on the way to the big event! We were blessed to find a parking spot when we did, because any later, and we would have had to park 5 blocks away! WOW!

There ended up being about 2,200 runners, and THEN some spectators on the sidelines to cheer us on.

Don’t I look like a stud? No?

I met a couple of awesome people! They kept pace, jogging for the first two miles, then I ran the last 1.1 miles.

Emily, Dru, Me. I am a dork. They probably kept me around because I amuse them.
Bacon Chase

After that, we went back to the Mall of America (I was indeed still sweaty) and shopped a little more. I rewarded myself with Starbucks after the race. Like bacon wasn’t enough.

Starbucks. Worth the dairy pain later.

Jess and I headed back a little later in the day and enjoyed one another’s company in silence.

The perfect end to an awesome day!

What was your first race?

What was it like?

How far was it?