Remember the times when you cheated on that school exam and no one caught you? Going unnoticed gave you a kick, didn’t it?

However, now that you’ve grown up, the world seems so much crueler. They’re waiting for a chance to prove that you’ve messed up. Cheating doesn’t seem to work in your favor anymore.

There is one place though, where you can cheat, and no one will notice. Well, all they will notice are those bulkier muscles and that full blown chest.

Before you take the plunge on cheating while exercising, remember, you’re not really going unnoticed. Your spine and joints are keeping an eye on you. Cheat your way through, and you’ll leave them damaged for life.

Does that have to stop you from cheating? We say NO; because you can learn to cheat the smart way. Presenting to you ways to cheat those classic moves, without cheating on the perfect body that you’re aiming for!


The original:

Shortcut to fitness

Hang from a pull-up bar with your knees bent slightly. Tilt your pelvis as high as you can. The idea is to aim for the knees to touch your shoulder.

Being the smart cheat:

Grab hold of a slant board and lie down on it, with your hips lower than your head, and your knees slightly bent. Grab the handles on the board while you pull your hips upward. Pay attention to keeping your knees at the same angle throughout. Do three sets of 15 repetitions while you hold a 10 pound dumbbell between the feet. After this, go back to the hanging version. This ensures that you’re not cheating on your abs, which should ideally is the target point for this move.


The original

Put a rolled-up towel down the middle of your upper body. Place one end of it on the center of your chest. Aim for the towel while you do each repetition. It allows you to control the weight of the bar that you’re dealing with.

Being the smart cheat

Presenting to you the ‘touch and go towel-press’. Try using only 50% of your usual weight. Do eight sets with three repetitions. It is advisable to have 30 seconds of rest after each set. Lower the bar as quickly as you can; and the moment it reaches the towel, push it back up again. The trick is to imagine that if the bar comes in contact with the towel for too long, it can burn the skin on your chest.

This cheat routine should help you learn how to lift fast under control; and it’ll help when you get down to doing a normal bench-press workout.

We hope that these 2 cheat moves help you in the long run, by bettering your abilities of performing the original move. Watch out for part 2 of this module, where we show you how being the smart cheat for these three – The Squat, the Biceps Curl and the Lat Pull-down; can make life easier.