What are some things that the cities of Indianapolis and New Orleans known for?

What are some things that the cities of Indianapolis and New Orleans known for?

What are some things that the cities of Indianapolis and New Orleans known for?

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, I started thinking about how different these two cities are.

I associate New Orleans with jazz music, streetcars, Cajun food, etc and Indy with the 500, Letterman, cold weather, etc.

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Indy 500 is the #1 thing thought of when heard the word “Indianapolis”.

Hurricane Katrina is the most with New Orleans, and haunted can be associated a lot too. Bourbon Street is known to be very haunted.

new orleans is knowed for hurrican katrina and indianapolis is knowed for the colts lol

New Orleans is know for festivities like:Mardi Gras and the 2nd Lines plus have other things like the Essence Fests and Jazz Fests.

There’s other great stuff of new orleans i can’t think of right now.

New Orleans — you can add Mardi Gras, paddlewheel riverboats, French Quarter, Louis Armstrong, jazz funerals, crawfish and Dixie beer.

New Orleans. . . . downtown, the streets smell like piss.

Indy. . . . downtown, the streets smell like piss.

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