What Is Laser Acne Treatment And Why Is It Right For You?

What Is Laser Acne Treatment And Why Is It Right For You?

Despite its demonstrated success and effectiveness, laser acne treatment continues to raise doubts and questions in the minds of many acne sufferers. They wonder if it’s safe, or how long the results actually last. If you have questions about this increasingly popular approach to acne treatment, then keep reading to see if it might be right for you.

Acne laser treatment bears a similarity to the method of laser resurfacing used in the treatment of wrinkles and blemishes. Having received approval from the FDA, it now targets acne scars. And even though it costs more than standard treatment options like dermabrasion and skin peels, it remains the most popular choice, most likely due to its superior results.

One of the reasons why laser acne treatment is superior to other treatment methods is because with it the doctor can precisely target damaged skin while leaving untouched any healthy skin or tissue. Additionally, due to the non invasive nature of laser treatment for acne, problems like bleeding and/or skin infection, both of which are complications experienced with other procedures, can be eliminated.

While the degree of discomfort or pain associated with laser acne treatment varies depending upon the specific procedure and the condition of the patient’s skin, it generally results in less pain and discomfort than either chemical peels or dermabrasion. This is even more than case when pain medication and/or sedation is employed, which also serves to shorten the time required for the procedure to just a few minutes in some cases and to not more than an hour for most.

Mild side effects may be experienced after undergoing laser acne treatments, but these are usually only temporary. They can include redness, swelling, skin sensitivity and even a slight burn depending upon the level of energy used during the procedure.

A major selling point for acne laser treatment is that there are no accompanying severe side effects. And all the mild side effects are usually gone by the time full recovery from the procedure is made too. With the right use of certain skin products during the recovery phase of treatment, discomfort can be kept to a minimum as well.

Acne scar laser treatment works because the building of new skin cells and healthy tissue occurs, replacing the areas damaged by acne scarring. Depending upon the degree of damage to the skin and the exact treatment procedure employed, complete recovery usually takes place in about 4 – 6 weeks.