Weight Loss Tools - Add CLA to a Healthy Diet to Reduce Fat

Weight Loss Tools - Add CLA to a Healthy Diet to Reduce Fat

Could adding a supplement to your healthy weight loss program help eliminate stubborn belly fat? CLA is a naturally occurring substance found in dairy products and meat.. A 2006 study showed that adding Conjugated Linoleic Acid , or CLA, to a healthy diet reduced fat in legs and abdomen area for women and in the abdomen area for men. Participants lost from 1.5 to 3 pounds by simply adding a CLA supplement to what they were already doing.

This and other studies have also found that CLA not only reduces fat but preserves muscle tissue. Participants in a December, 2000 study lost an average of 6 pounds and found that about 3.4 grams of CLA per day was the amount needed to induce this reduction in body fat.

In a separate study conducted at Purdue University in Indiana, CLA was found to improve insulin levels in about two-thirds of diabetic patients, and moderately reduced the blood glucose level and triglyceride levels.

  • Lowered insulin resistance-this is also a risk for hypothyroid patients and lowering insulin resistance could help prevent adult-onset diabetes

Some preliminary studies have also shown CLA to aid in tumor reduction in animals, but these claims will require much greater investigation to substantiate.

Please keep in mind that studies were done with patients who were consuming a healthy diet and following an exercise program. Some recent reports have found that fat reduction using CLA slowed after several months and in fact, seemed to cause bloating in a small percentage of people. This is why a healthy weight loss plan is important. More research is currenty being done on CLA.

CLA can be found in health food stores or online. Look for a patented name brand as others may have inconsistent or insufficient amounts of CLA. The brand used in testing was “Tonalin” which is offered in 1,000 mg capsules. The recommended dosage is 3.4 mg per day, which means you would need four per day to gain the benefits of the study. CLA should be taken with meals.

On a personal note, my husband, daughter and I have been taking CLA supplements for about four months, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. All of us have seen a marked reduction in abdominal fat and have lost about 4-5 pounds, with this being the only addition or change to our regular health program.

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