WaterToHealth.info :: Usage :: Revolutionizing Benefits

WaterToHealth.info :: Usage :: Revolutionizing Benefits

The varying uses and benefits of Kangen water depends on what pH level the water has.

Let's say you need to wash your oily hands. Press the Strong Acidic button, a voice is verifying your choice and out comes Strong Acidic water!

Or let's say that you want to rinse your veggies before frying them. Simply press the button for Kangen water 9.5.

The SD501 and SUPER501 comes with an

easy-to-use panel and LCD screen. It doesn't take any practice, you will soon see how the many uses of Kangen water will benefit your daily life!

Click on the buttons to hear the Kangen machine SD501 in action!

The easy to use LCD plus the audio guidance make this machine a treat to use!

The Kangen water unit is separating water into alkaline and acidic water through electrolysis. The pH of the alkaline and acidic water will always add up to 14. The SD501 machine is equipped with two hoses, one for alkaline water and the other for acidic water. This is how it works:

= Secondary hose Medium Acidic water pH 4.5

Primary hose Strong Kangen water pH 11.5

= Secondary hose Strong Acidic water pH 2.5

Order your Kangen water machine today!

Enagic is a 34 year old Japanese, privately held company.

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