Relaxation for a Healthy Life

Relaxation for a Healthy Life

We owe it to ourselves to find time for relaxation. Health problems and age-related diseases are rampant in our society, mainly because of poor lifestyle choices, which includes not taking time for relaxation. Would you like to avoid high blood pressure, obesity and all the health problems associated with stress? Stress keeps our bodies from functioning in their best possible way and relaxation is the key to combating this stress.

What does relaxation mean to you?

Is relaxation a trip to a health spa for a facial and massage? Taking a yoga class? Perhaps for relaxation you take the family boating and camping or take a vacation to the beach to build sand castles? Whatever relaxation means to you, it can also be done on a budget or cost nothing at all.

Most Americans don''t know how to relax. In American families, both parents often work outside the home and kids are involved in a miriad of activities so time after work is spent running children around and grabbing fast food on the run. Then there is housework, grocery shopping and yard work to take up every extra moment of the day. Who has time to relax?

For a simple relaxation technique, try some deep breathing exercises or sit comfortably and listen to some soothing music, trying to clear your mind and thing about nothing at all.

  • Do something you love for 30 minutes whether it''s a craft, reading a book, or sitting in a porch swing and looking at the sky.

Remember, your body can''t function properly if you''re all stressed out. Relaxation doesn''t have to be costly-Just take time and do it!

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