Monster Mass ReviewMonster MassYou may know

Monster Mass ReviewMonster MassYou may know

Monster Mass Review

Monster Mass
Monster Mass

You may know Mike Chang from his YouTube workout tutorials, his website, or simply for his rippling pectorals.

Whether you know him or not, his newest workout, Monster Mass, promises to give you a massive size and strength increase.

Sounds great, right?

But with free workout tutorials all over the web, can Mike Chang really expect us to pay for something we can find for free? I wanted to see if Monster Mass is really worth the money, or if you can get the same results for free.

What Is Monster Mash?

Monster Mash is a new workout program that is launching in January, 2013. Meanwhile, Chang is calling on his viral audience to help him market this system. Before its initial release, Chang is offering as much as $5,000 in prize to the affiliate account with the most sales.

The workout combines programs from Chang’s YouTube tutorials, as well as previous programs like “Insane Hone.” These workouts are compiled in Monster Mass, Muscle Building Vault, and Advanced Muscle Building DVDs. You also get the 15 Laws of Muscle Building and even a workout supplement.

Who Is Monster Mass For?

Although Chang claims to have trained with the most elite athletes in the country, Monster Mass is geared toward the little guy. It is an at-home workout for the average guy who is “intimidated by the idea of going to the gym.”

But just because it isn’t supposed to be for the “hardcore bodybuilding scene,” Monster Mass is still supposed to offer huge size and power increases. And all without leaving your house!

Does Monster Mass Work?

Because Monster Mass hasn’t officially launched, it is impossible to fairly gauge its effectiveness. However, if Monster Mass’ workout DVDs are anything like Chang’s YouTube tutorials, then we are all in luck.

Not only are Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts the most viewed workout tutorials on YouTube, but they focus on instruction as well as the workouts. While he performs the workouts he teaches you why each workout is beneficial and how you can tailor your own workout.

But at-home workouts are often not as effective as we think they will be. How many treadmills have you seen double as coat racks as the years go by? The truth is, buying a gym membership doesn’t force you to go to the gym any more than Monster Mass is going to force you to workout at home.

Pricing and Availability

At this point, Monster Mass price is still a question mark. Although Mike Chang is eager to recruit viral salesmen, he isn’t forthcoming about price and ordering information.

When Monster Mass is officially available in mid-January, there should be more information about price and where to buy.

Is Monster Mass Worth the Money?

The biggest problem with at-home workout programs is that we buy them when we are extremely motivated. And then watch them gather dust as we get less motivated. To avoid this, try investing slowly.

Commit yourself to working out every day for a month with Chang’s YouTube tutorials. If you like your results and think you can stick with it, then try Monster Mass. But I wouldn’t recommend rushing into Monster Mass as a way to fulfill New Year’s Resolutions.

Have you used Monster Mass?

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