MUA Matte Perfect Complexion Balancing Face Primer Review

MUA Matte Perfect Complexion Balancing Face Primer Review

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Face primers are most commonly used nowadays. As they help with evening out skin tones, minimize appearance of large pores, preventing foundation from looking cakey and making your makeup last much longer throughout the day.So looking for a face primer I had just came across MUA Matte Perfect Complexion Balancing Face Primer.It is also consider the dupe of Benefits the Professional. Its oil controling claim really instigated me to have it. Now let see did it really prove its oil control claims and did it really helps to make my makeup last longer.

Claim Of The Product:

MUA Pro has now created a primer designed to prime for perfection balancing your skin. Matte Perfect primer is a targeted formula that controls oil and reduce shines so your makeup looks smooth even and flawless. With its soft application it minimizes the look of pores and flaws to create an even convas and is ideal for Normal Combination and Oily Skin.

Application Tips:

Moisturize first using a tiny pea sized amount smooth Matte Perfect Primer evenly over face and blend with finger tips. Apply makeup.

My Experience With MUA Matte Perfect Complexion Balancing Face Primer:

Let me tell you one thing I had ordered it from an online shopping store without noticing the size and quantity of a product sometimes when we buy products online we make assumptions on a product that are not true so when I received my order I felt disappointed because I thought it would be 30ml but it was only a 15ml tube which looked a bit pricey as compared to the other drugstore primers.
I have mixed opinions about this primer. It comes in a squeezy tube with a screw cap. It is a fragrance free silicone based tinted primer.The consistency is creamy and has a light beige colour.
Once applied I did notice that it left my skin feeling a little greasy and when I lathered it after 60 seconds it had absorbed fully into my skin and dries quickly. My foundation seems to glide on it really makes my makeup looks really nice and flawless leaving my face feeling silky soft.The primer can be worn alone or under a foundation. Only a little quantity is required to cover entire face.When I used this primer my foundation seems to glide on it really makes my makeup looks really nice and flawless It does not give any coverage, although it does make your skin look a bit more even. I would agree with the claim of complexion balancing because there is a slight tint to the product which helps to even everything out, very similar to the Benefit Professional,however you will need a little bit more of the MUA product to get the same pore filling effect.
I also used it as a eyemakeup primer that really helps in bringing out the eyeshadow colours.It didnot hide any scare marks so you have to use concealer as well.It doesnot feel heavy on the skin and the blendability is also very easy and works on every skin tone. People with normal to dry skin can also use it over the moisturizer as a foundation base.For the longevity of my makeup I have not noticed if this has made any difference in pro-longing my makeup it lasts about the same as without it. I don''t have that much oil on my face when I don''t wear makeup or primer it didn''t keeps me particularly matte like the name suggest it is more of a satin finish.This primer contains parabens in its preservatives. If you want your makeup to last for a night or special occasion I can''t recommend this primer enough for it.This wasn''t something I was looking for so.

Have you ever tried this product? what you think of it? let me know in the comment below


1-don''t feel heavy on the skin.
2- provide you a smooth soft skin.
3- small amount is required to cover your entire face.
4- travel friendly


1-bit pricey
2- size of the tube is very small.
3-it didnt makes your makeup last longer.
4-didn''t give a matte finish.

Price and Availability:

I have got mine from for 750RS.




absolutely not.

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