What to Do When Winter Dries You Out

What to Do When Winter Dries You Out

Are your lips dry and cracked? Has winter ravaged them beyond the point of recognition? Are your hands painfully dry, too, and your cuticles just scream at you every time you look at them? How about your feet? Are they any better? Dry skin is a serious problem, especially in the winter, when chilly winds and low temperatures rob your body of moisture. Not only are you shivering in your boots, but your lips, hands, and feet are all dry and painfully cracked. Doing the dishes hurts. Just drinking a glass of orange juice hurts. Even walking hurts. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of products on the market to help you get through the winter in one piece without feeling like a dried up husk.

Applying lip balm before you head out the door in the morning and reapplying whenever your lips feel a bit dry will keep your lips from chapping and cracking. Not only are chapped lips painful, they’re also really unattractive. Who wants to kiss lizard lips, right? Whether you’re single and trying to meet someone, or you just want to come home and kiss your husband or wife at the end of the day, chapped, cracked lips are in your way. Picking up some lip balm can help you immensely. We’re particularly big fans of Flexitol, by the way, but you can decide what’s right for you.

Lips Aren’t the Only Things that Crack in Winter

Now, let’s talk about your hands and feet. Being out in the cold, washing dishes, and working with mechanical lubricants and degreasers are just some of the ways people beat their hands up every day. Simply washing your hands a lot can be problematic. There’s a reason both nurses and servers in restaurants often carry hand balm with them. We recommend balm over traditional moisturizers because it most balms – including our favorite, Flexitol hand balm – are unscented or have a very light scent. They also don’t leave a greasy or watery film on the skin. A good hand or foot balm will not only replenish moisture in your skin, but it will shield your skin from further moisture loss. It works the same way your lip balm works, actually.

If your hands and feet are suffering, and you can afford the time and money for a manicure or pedicure, we totally recommend it. Unfortunately, though, you can’t go rushing off to the nail salon or spa every other day when your hands and feet hurt. Our recommendation? Get the mani-pedi on a stressful day when you just really need to relax. Then use moisturizing balms to maintain that soft, supple skin all winter long.