VPS Dedicated Server

VPS Dedicated Server
Canaca recognizes that downtime is not an option for your servers.

That''s why we invest heavily in hardware and facilities that ensure that your clients are up and running on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

VPS Dedicated Server - $69.95

Premium Bandwidth: Fiber Optic Speed Test: Click Here

30 DAY Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back!

• Dedicated 2400 + AMD CPU - $69.95/mth U.S
• Ensim Control Panel
• Maxtor 30 GB Hard Drive Space
• 150/ Gig of Bandwith
• Free Static IP''s
• 24/7 Emergency Support
• Full Root Access
• Movie Tutorials : Click Here
• $69.95. /mth U.S

All VPS Servers are a managed hosting solution. We will keep your VPS up to date and secure so you don''t have to worry.

Private servers are for those who need more than a shared hosting account and less than a dedicated server.

Can be individually rebooted, started and stopped like a fully dedicated machine.

Fully Dedicated Server

Stock Info :

Premium Bandwidth: Fiber Optic Speed Test: Click Here

This is the control center for your server, always being updated and improved, it has proven itself a must have tool for any Systems Administrator. It allows you to create/delete accounts, suspend, change info, and much much more.

This is the manager for the client Side. This will allow all clients to self service themselves while they are hosted. The CPanel includes the most common features that relieve tech support issues, such as adding e-mail to setup FTP
accounts and CGI scripts.

Note * The control panel is fully Skinnable, so you can customize it to your own needs and liking, take a look at the sample theme below for some ideas.

Too often providers operate their networks at three to four times their responsible capacity. As a result, their corresponding transfer times reach over 300ms. Canaca''s network daily average is 27% of its capacity, with midday peak spikes reaching only 33% capacity. Canaca guarantees that clients will be carried off our network in less than 80ms over a five-minute average at any time of day or night.