The (wet) Road Less Travelled

The (wet) Road Less Travelled

I’m drawing a long bow with the title, but it’s been so long since I’ve written anything, so cut me a little slack while I get my brain back into gear, okay?

It’s been an odd few days, with a lot happening, yet very little happening. Allow me to run it down for you in order of importance.

Since approximately 6.47pm last night, I’ve been appreciating life just a little bit more, since I had my very first official accident on my bike. It was the car driver’s fault, I handled it as well as I could, and I was able to first walk, then ride away from it, but nevertheless, it was quite intense.

As I lay in the middle of a wet street with my bike on top of me, there was a restaurant full of people who’d witnessed the accident eating stir fry, and none of them felt the need to ask if I was okay. They felt totally cool with gawking at my predicament, but clearly didn’t want their food to get cold. In my book, that’s bad behaviour. The driver who caused the accident stopped, which is great, because they don’t always, and was very apologetic. I was so happy to be alive and unscathed, I rode home before I noticed my front wheel was massively buckled, then I kind of went into shock, spending several minutes babbling at my brother who’d come to take me to dinner. After a plate of pork ribs, all was well again.

So the upshot of the accident is today I spent a huge amount of money on a new bike which has hydraulic disc brakes - state of the art apparently, so next time some crazy maniac pulls in front of me illegally, I’ll be able to stop before I run into them. And that’s got to be a good thing. I’m sad to see my lovely old Revel bike go, but it’s time to upgrade, and I don’t want to be skidding under someone’s car thinking “damn, if only I’d shelled out some dough on a safer bike” before I die.

Next - last weekend we actually bid on a property. And didn’t get it. And we were pleased we didn’t get it. And the upshot was there’s a new exciting development stemming from our insane bidding frenzy, which may work out well. For anyone who’s come for news, the phone call hasn’t come yet and it’s after six so I’m not expecting it now, but as soon as anything happens, you’ll know straight away.

That’s about all my news. Oh, and I taught Monday afternoon yoga for the first time in six weeks today, and it was gorgeous. Gill, you had the best spot in the sun for resting pose - I was quite jealous.

Tomorrow night is Miss M’s production, in which she plays a dog. The only female dog. I imagine she’ll steal the show, dog-wise. I have to apply makeup to the little actress before we leave, so it’s all her dreams come true at once.