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Posted on June 22, 2011 by Your Health Bulletin Team

Said to be made from Japanese volcanic lava rock and tourmaline, the scalar energy pendant is touted as a healing source of energy that protects you from electromagnetic radiation. According to testimonials, videos and many websites, the scalar energy pendant gives you more energy, relieves body aches and pains and strengthens the immune system.

Some sites even go so far as making claims that scalar energy pendants can cure cancer. With all these health claims and testimonials, there should be some validated evidence to verify that the stated health benefits are real.

PubMed is the leading authority on all medically peer-reviewed and researched pharmaceuticals, supplements, skin care products, etc. It’s a free library resource where you can search if a product has had any medical studies proving its health claims.

A search for “scalar energy pendant” brings no results. “Scalar energy pendants” in plural form also doesn’t pull up any information. This can mean one of two things. Either no medical peer reviews have been completed (these can take up to six years for publication) or no research has been performed on the product by people in the medical field.

Can Anyone Tell Us What Scalar Energy Really Is?

If you do a search on “scalar energy” in Google, you will find most of the websites with definitions are ones trying to sell scalar energy pendants.

NASA provides the most scientific web article, A Possible Scalar Term Describing Energy Density in the Gravitational Field. However, unless you’re a scientist or mathematician the information is still difficult to understand and the article doesnt necessarily speak about scalar energy.

Some sites state that the pendants are made from lava rock from volcanoes in Japan. The sites fail to mention which volcanoes.

A search for pendants shows that a variety of scalar energy pendants and other similar pendants can be bought in bulk at Alibaba. According to the product details for these pendants, the place of origin is Jiangsu China (Mainland), not Japan.

There’s not enough solid information to believe the claims that are stated about the scalar energy pendant.

A Possible Scalar Term Describing Energy Density in the Gravitational Field

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