Of bikes, and bike boys

Of bikes, and bike boys

My life over the past few days has been full of bikes. Partly because my house is full of bikes, the running total as it currently stands is: me - 1. Miss M - 1. James - 2. Bike Boy - 2. Grand total - 6. One of James’ bikes is be given to a friend, bringing the tally back to 5, but this afternoon, Miss M and I are going to look at a BMX for her, and a crazy Fuji step through bike for me.

I saw the Fuji at the market last week, and initially thought it was hideous. Then something odd came over me, and I started thinking about how I’d like to be able to wear something other than my work clothing while bike riding, and the design of this bike would enable me to wear a ballgown and heels if I so chose. And don’t laugh, because I may just do that. So my initial impression about the bike was turned on it’s head. It also has the hugest, softest looking seat I’ve ever seen, and that can only be a good thing.

Another reason bikes are on my mind is Miss M has been riding a lot over the past few days. Some of you may have read previous posts about my teaching skills, and the acquisition of her bike, but she’s risen above any adversity and now rides like a pro. So much so I find myself begging her not to go crazy - or to at least only go crazy when she’s riding with Bike Boy. Advice which she’s taken on board during the two massive rides they’ve gone on over the past couple of days.

Mr Dog is also able to be included, having developed a technique of running beside Miss M while she’s zooming around. A technique which freaked out a few passers-by, who assumed he was a crazed dog on the loose, but Miss M cheerfully calls him along as she rides, making quite a charming tableau.

Yesterday, Bike Boy noticed Miss M’s bike had been wrongly assembled. I’m still blaming Santa, but since I was his proxy on the assembly line, I guess I have to assume some kind of blame. It seems “someone” had put the thing the handlebars go into (tech talk, see?) the wrong way around, thus making it difficult for her to pedal properly with her long, long legs. So this morning, it was reassembled by a professional, things were tightened, brakes were adjusted … then she went riding at the school and fell twice. The first time scraping her shin, the second time, her elbow (which bled), but hitting the ground in such a spectacular fashion I nearly screamed, and found myself running at a similar pace to the speed of light to go to her aid.

She didn’t cry … I did. But I hid it well. Instead, she proudly showed off her wounds to James, who was impressed by the spillage of “claret”. She’s now watching Charlie and Lola to recover, and biding her time until we can display her injuries to the boys in the bike shop, who appreciate these things on a whole other level.