Defend You Body Against Disease: Adopt A pH Balanced Diet

Defend You Body Against Disease: Adopt A pH Balanced Diet

A normal human blood pH should be around 7.35 to 7.45, a slightly alkaline state; below or above this range also induces symptoms and illnesses. Therefore, a pH balanced diet is crucial to good health, suggested by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioners.

Defend You Body Against Disease: Adopt A pH Balanced Diet

The pH levels indeed are directly reflected by what we put into our mouth. Unfortunately, in today’s modern world, our typical diet tends to be too high in acid producing animal foods such as meat, egg, and dairy products, but too low in alkaline producing foods like fresh vegetables and fruits.

In fact, if one consumes acid foods over a long period of time, his/her blood pH levels will get acidic and forms an acidic body, which is unfavorable to health. Take children as an example; they not only have poor concentration and alertness affecting learning, but also are more vulnerable to teeth decay. And for adults who have an acidic constitution, they are more at risk of developing rheumatism, gout, and fungus problems.

On the contrary, having diet that is high in alkaline foods can help to cleanse and detox the body of accumulative toxins. Chronic sickness and disease, almost always, flourish in acidic bodies but won’t be able to survive in high alkaline environments. Studies show that a staggering 85% of cancer patients are with alkaline bodies!

Foods in sour flavor, however, are not equivalent to acid foods, TCM Practitioners emphasize. Whether a food is acid or alkaline is determined by the types and levels of minerals it contains. For example, although lemon is sour in taste, it actually is an alkaline food. A little bit confuse? Never mind. Take a look at below table and see if you are eating too much acid foods and too less alkaline foods. Afterward, you know how to grocery shop the smart way next time!

  • High-acid Foods: Dessert, egg yolk, oil & fat, sugar, yogurt, etc.
  • Acid Foods: Bacon, beef, bread, butter, chicken meat, eel, ham, pork, salmon, wheat, etc.
  • Low-acid Foods: Beer, octopus, peanut, rice, seaweed, etc.
  • Low-alkaline Foods: Apple, mung bean (red bean), onion, radish, tofu, etc.
  • Alkaline Foods: Banana, carrot, egg white, lemon, orange, pumpkin, soybean, spinach, strawberry, tomato, etc.
  • High-alkaline Foods: Grape, kelp, tea, wine, etc.


Aside from diet, an unhealthy lifestyle also contributes to an acidic constitution.

We, human beings, are supposed to live in a world with rhythm—neither we can store up sleep and eat in advance, nor we can make compensation later. In fact, if we can’t create a normal routine in life, or often have too much stress at work, overdo sports and gaming, etc., our body will be affected by pH imbalance leading to the stage of sickness.

So, are you ready for an alkaline life?

Image by David Gallagher