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Counting  Food Nutrition World Tag

Need help with My Diet Anaylsis for counting grams carbs n stuff….? =/?

ok well I’m doing a My Diet Analysis program for my nutrition class and I’m confused whether it will count the milk together with my serving of cereal or not? like do i have to add in the milk and cereal separately.

I would think not bcuz on the cereal box (for HoneyNut cheerios btw if that makes any difference) well it says serving size with skim milk or something…Im not sure b/c I never really count well i dont really know how to read the nutrition facts and ahhh now i have to do this assignment and am just confused….

Also, if I’m having 1 tortilla 10”, how many grams would it have? the program automatically assumed 100g in it but as I read the details, it said it has like about 52 carbs and that just seemd to unreasonable like too much!

I know when i read the back of the tortilla package it says 1 tortilla has about 22 carbs (or something around there b/c i don’t have it with me right now so I’m not sure) but it shouldn’t be so many carbs per serving…right? So is there assumption correct? is it 100g per serving? or how do I figure this out?? …yeshh I know i should be reading this stuff so ya ya plz don’t explain to me how i should be reading this n all that I just don’t know how so I’d rather you tell me how to read it rather than WHY….

if I need to provide any more details plz let me know! thanks!

any other help would be greatly appreciated! thanks. =)

When counting carbs, can you subtract grams of fiber from total carbs?

I’m trying to watch my carb intake and I see that on the nutrition facts on food packages under Total Carbohydrates is Dietary Fiber.

So if Total Carbohydrates is 17g and Dietary Fiber is 5g, does that mean I can only count 12g of carbs?

Both of my parents are obese and my mother is currently working on getting her weight down, my dad has good intentions, but that is it. At 5′ 7″ and 127lbs, I am not overweight and I want to keep it that way. So I have started calorie counting, but how far can I go without being annoying? Basically, I want to be healthy, but I don’t want to come across as an annoying health freak who won’t eat anything without saying how bad it is for me. Any advice/motivational tips? I currently go to for general food nutrition and to the restaurant/fast food place to find their nutrition information.

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